Pew Poll: global warming dead last, down from last year

Some “political science” from Watts Up With That?. Yesterday Anthony posted about a recent Pew political opinion poll showing that the American public’s concern about Climate Change is low and that even than level of concern is dropping. We’re not sure how that has any relevance to a presumably factual discussion about what is or isn’t driving Climate Change on a “science” web site, but the anti-science at Watts Up has always been closely intertwined with right-wing politics.

The poll was brought to Anthony’s attention by Dr. Leif Svalgaard [Oops, I mistook Svalgaard, a real solar scientist who has tried to educate the denialist community on Watts Up With That for Henrick Svensmark, who jumps into the solar thing with both feet], who may be hoping that his “it’s all just the sun” theory will be declared fact by popular opinion since its finding no traction among scientists…

4 thoughts on “Pew Poll: global warming dead last, down from last year

  1. What’s odd about that poll is that “protecting the enviroment” went up!

    BTW a good idea to report on WUWT but you’re going to be hard pressed to keep up with his output.

    • “Hard pressed to keep up”? Tell me about it! My first instinct was to post a short paragraph about each of his posts, but the reality of it reminded me of this YouTube clip

  2. Svalgaard believes no such thing, in fact quite the opposite. Are you thinking of Svensmark?

    Leif has a history of participation at WUWT, to all apppearances based on the hope that rationality will someday prevail there. He does seem to have succeeded in embarrassing Watts into cutting way back on “it’s the sun” posts.

    • Leif Svalgaard is who Anthony gives as his source. If there’s an error it is Anthony’s. Leif has responded to some of off-topic comments referring to solar issues, but hasn’t commented on the poll.

      But you’re right, Leif’s expert comments and occasional posts at WUWT have actually undercut a lot Anthony’s “solar” arm waving (he still tries it on every now and then). Henrik Svensmark is the solar kook. I’ll update the post…

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