Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?

In yesterday’s installment of As the Watt Churns, Anthony Watts suddenly found his lost homework, and denialist carpetbagger Willis Eschenbach proved that visiting a tropical atoll isn’t insightful if you don’t open your eyes.

Anthony’s calling his latest un-scrutinized printout, helpfully photocopied by the Science and Public Policy front group, a “compendium paper“. Well, it’s on paper I guess. Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception? even has that patented question mark in place. [All these question marks Anthony uses suggest to me that he’s subliminally admitting that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about…] I’m just glancing though it and the chuckles are coming fast and furious.

  • Firstly, it really is a century-long global conspiracy and from now on we must ignore anything that NASA or the NOAA say. Got it…
  • Secondly, this is not Anthony’s much-anticipated “analysis” of the US surface temperature station record. That’s waiting for the photocopier to cool I guess. Maybe he hasn’t been able to gather a full basket of cherries yet.
  • Third, his first two “Case Studies in Data Manipulation” are very recent debunked denialist failures (Darwin Airport, AustraliaWellington, NZ).
  • Fourth, this whole exercise is just a copy and paste job of the current failed denialist “proofs” gathered together, conveniently separated from their fatal critiques.
  • Fifth, did I just hear the ice cream truck?

Willis’ idle remarks about sea-level rise as it concerns coral atolls is more of the same. The fact that sea-level rise happens to have recently slowed apparently means that it has actually stopped; the freshwater lens that inhabitants depend on will somehow always float above the underlying saltwater no matter how much sea-level rises (which it isn’t); Darwin says that coral atolls always follow sea-level anyway (which isn’t rising).

Willis, Darwin was talking about a gradual natural sea-level change, not an abrupt, man-made one. Which is what the Climate Change kerfuffle is all about, really. The whole thing about how Man’s recent impact on the climate is different in both scale and time-frame from that of the many natural processes that are also at work. You should look into it sometime.

2010-02-15 Update: Anthony’s statistical and numerical “truthiness” is completely shredded by “Tamino” here.

6 thoughts on “Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?

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