NWFS Winter Weather Wackiness

Rule Number One with Anthony Watts: there are no days off. Eight posts since we last checked in. What do we have?

More complaints about the IPCC using information from sources that Anthony doesn’t like. Snap!

More “he said/she said” obsession with IPCC Chairman Dr. Pachauri.

All unusual weather, whether warmer or colder, most definitely proves once and for all that Climate Change is a lie. Ice in China (in the winter)! Snow in Colorado (in the winter)! Sea-level has naturally been rising for 20,000 years (um, there’s a difference between known natural patterns and the human activity that has overwhelmed them)! The GISS temperature dataset is not an exact duplicate of the hadCRUT temperature dataset! 1998 was warmer than 2005 (err, in a couple of places)! Anthony thinks that “devastating” is the same word as “deadly”! There’s no drought in the western US (except in the places where NOAA says there are) because there weren’t any Hummers in Arizona in 1400!

Anthony reports excitedly that Lord Lawson’s UK “Global Warming Policy Foundation” front group is still stirring around in the muck that the denialists have spread about the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. I guess they hope that 355th time’s the charm.

But no mention of the fact that Watts-approved journalist and truth-seeker David Rose has been shown to have falsely represented (herehere, and here) the scientists dragged into the puffed-up Himalayan glacier controversy.

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