It’s Like Drinking from a Fire Hose!

Anthony’s had a busy weekend. I guess we’ll have to fall back on quick hits tonight.

Anthony starts by rooting through the personal life of someone he doesn’t like.

The National Oceanographic Data Center has corrected some data on Ocean Heat Content and if you look at a small enough time period (tunnel vision helps here) it proves once and forever that Climate Change is a lie!!! Uh oh, Anthony has deleted some of his conclusions.

The possibly rebounding water levels in one lake prove once and forever that Climate Change is a lie.

Anthony waxes once more about the Urban Heat Island effect that conspiratorial scientists all deny. Except he then provides cherry-picked papers and graphs that show that scientists actually talk about it all the time and discuss measuring it, correcting for it, etc. However this proves once and forever that Climate Change is a lie.

A new satellite will examine Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes. The subtext is to remind Anthony’s readers that gamma rays are the real and natural source of all Climate Change.

There’s some cold water off the Florida coast! This proves once and forever that Climate Change is a lie.

Dr. Roy Spencer says it’s all, or at least mostly, natural!” in a new cross-posted blog entry. I guess blogging’s easier than pulling together all the proper data and references and trying to sneak into a refereed paper.

One of Anthony’s friends fiddles with some settings on an interactive GISS data page that he doesn’t understand and makes parts of a chart go red! RED!!!

Penn State’s investigation into indignant denialist accusations against Dr. Mann hasn’t solicited the opinions of denialist bloggers!

Anthony says “Climategate” again. Some problems with Chinese weather stations in a 20 year-old study by evil Dr. Phil Jones are proof of the vast conspiracy to trick everyone into thinking that the Urban Heat Island effect is really Climate Change. This one’s developing, but does Anthony really think that possible problems with a 20 year-old study make all the other independent data that show the same conclusion evaporate? [Feb 2, 2010 update: The University of East Anglia defends Dr. Jones quite ably.]

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