Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal

Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal (2014-01-23). Anthony Watts praises an “emotional commentary” in World Nutter Daily by the rabid Lord Monckton, who wants to relaunch the catastrophically failed journal Pattern Recognition in Physics. Remember the denialists who appointed themselves editors and approved each other’s nonsense papers and then got caught red-handed?

Because scientific cranks not being allowed to pretend their rants have passed objective  review is proof that “The Age of Reason and Enlightenment is over. The Dark Ages are back.”

From this quote, it sounds like Anthony has realized what side of his bread the butter’s on (that would be the conspiracy theory right-wing lunatic side):

All I can say is that I hope the people that tried to publish in the first PRP journal (now closed) find a friendly home there. It will be interesting to watch it evolve and I wish them all the success they deserve.

All is right in the world again.

HotWhopper has some entertaining observations, such as noting the comments of non-scientist (but pretend journal editor) Roger “Tallbloke” Tattersall:

Roger reckons he’s going to use Christopher’s mighty shoulder to heave the stone of ignorance off the path of knowledge and straighten the road

January 30th update: I can’t believe I didn’t click through to Monckton’s own post! It’s the most awesome example of Monckton in full raging, foaming, comic, flight I’ve seen! Funniest thing I’ve seen in months, and I watch a lot of cute cat videos.

Resentful, thin-skinned PRP editor-in-chief Mörner is apparently a “charming and lively man, with a soul and a wit that are eternal youth personified” while the blind-sided publisher is “formless lump of lard” and “appalling”. Naturally the phrases “Nazi-era book-burning”, “Galileo”, “New Dogma”, “Communist” and “criminal organization” are also thrown about with vigour. Monckton’s supporters try to reach the same comic heights in their comments, but the bar is just set too high. Good times, good times.

Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!

“Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!” (2014-01-24). Anthony Watts laughs that Michael Mann has dismissed Patrick Moore as a “garden variety troll” in tweet. Even though Moore calls himself “The Sensible Environmentalist” and a co-founder of Greenpeace! The nerve.

How can Dr. Mann say such poisonous things when even Greenpeace says “Patrick Moore, a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, frequently cites a long-ago affiliation with Greenpeace to gain legitimacy in the media.”  and that “Patrick Moore Did Not Found Greenpeace.”

Wait, that ruins Anthony’s punchline and Friday’s the day that Anthony thinks he’s hilarious! Forget you read that.

Just remember that climate scientists are nasty and hateful and that “climate skeptics” are innocents under attack.

Antarctica Has Sea Ice Rabbit Ears, a V for Victory or Maybe It’s a Peace Sign?…

“Antarctica Has Sea Ice Rabbit Ears, a V for Victory or Maybe It’s a Peace Sign?” (2014-01-19). Anthony Watts’ friend “Just The Facts”, better known as “Just the Ignorance” has a keen scientific eye, based on no education whatsoever, and has noticed that Antarctica has bunny ears. Ice, anywhere, means cooling everywhere!

Funny how “Just The Facts” manages to ignore so many of them. Maybe he meant just a fact, not the relevant ones. Do glaciers float when the reach the sea, for instance? Do they become thinner? Something for JTF to ponder.

Antarctic Ice Extent 14-01-19

Sea Ice bunnies have ears, but not toes. Great science,”Just The Facts”! Image Credit: NSIDC

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week (2013-12-13). Anthony Watts, “citizen-scientist”, discovers that Global Warming is a lie! Why? Well because this week the world continental USA was (mostly) cold! There were 2000(ish) cold and snow records set! Never mind the 98 high temperature records. Or that only about half the “cold” records were really low max. temps. Or that the conflated snow records are really signs that the cold air has remained warm enough to hold the moisture needed to produce high snow falls.

After all each time the weather is sort-of cold anywhere its conclusive, incontrovertible, permanent, proof that there never was any Global Warming and that furthermore Global Warming has now stopped.

Of course any time it’s hot it’s just natural fluctuation that doesn’t mean anything, ever. Global Warming – denied! Thus speaketh Anthony Watts.

Buried in Anthony’s vaguely attributed info-graphic is the more honest comparison;
in the last week there 1234 low max. temp records set and 98 high max. temp records set. Yep, it’s been a cold week in many places the US, but not everywhere.


Anthony Watts hovers over weather reports like a sullen vulture, never missing a chance to trumpet cold weather as evidence against our overheating climate. In the comments the dumb-asses wise heads bob along as instructed.

A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature” – “Extreme Weather” Update

A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature” – “Extreme Weather” Update (2012-11-11). A post “By WUWT regular Just The Facts”. I’m going to assume that JTF is merely another sock-puppet of Anthony’s censors the way that “Smokey”, WUWT’s resident denialist troll that always gets a free pass, is really David B. Stealey (“dbs”).

“Big Picture” is code for step waaaay back, take off your glasses, slap on the blinkers and close your good eye.

Here’s JTF’s nothing-to-see-here preface:

All of these claims and “extreme weather” rhetoric seems to be predicated on the assumption that “Earth’s Temperature” has increased recently, thus causing “extreme weather” to arrive and become the “new normal”. However, does the observational data support this assumption? Let’s take a look…

Just go read Open Mind’s post Extreme Denial to get a somewhat dissenting opinion on JTF’s enthusiastic ignorance:

Under the guise of a “big picture” look, WUWT reader “just the facts” purports to show that climate data don’t support the claim of an increase in extreme weather. But he (she?) doesn’t show evidence about extreme anything, just a bunch of graphs, which he got from other sources, followed by the wrong conclusions. Show a graph of, say, global average temperature, then say “doesn’t look like there’s been much global warming” (even though there has been), and conclude “no increase in extreme weather here.” And of course “he” goes “out of his way” to use “scare quotes” at “every opportunity.”

Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded

Al Gore’s ‘drowning polar bear’ source reprimanded (2012-09-29). A lying scientist has been caught red-handed! We’ll get those guys, one at a time. That’s a check mark on the good guy’s side! No need to read further.

You can always count on Anthony Watts to baldly misrepresent the facts. To put this plainly, Dr. Charles Monnett was accused of corruption (helping a scientist apply for a grant) and scientific malpractice (reporting his observation of drowned polar bears). This appears driven largely by political irritation over how other information he disclosed “helped reveal that Bush administration Arctic offshore drilling reviews illegally suppressed adverse environmental consequences.” Also, his observations were mentioned in that Communist Al Gore’s filthy propaganda, An Inconvenient Truth.

After an incompetent investigation that focused obsessively on the irrelevant dead polar bears, Dr. Monnett was only “reprimanded” because he had “improperly disclosed internal government documents”. Isn’t that the kind of thing that Anthony has been demanding more of? Transparency, letting in the light, resisting persecution, citizen-science, etc.

As usual Anthony falsely holds his target to a higher standard than he could ever live up to. Dr. Monnett is just collateral damage in Anthony’s Gore-ophobia.

REPLY: The issue is mostly with Gore’s ridiculous claims, AGW had noting to do with the dead polar bear and a dead polar bear does not a trend make. Monnet didn’t speak out when Gore took his observation and turned into into a bogus sympathy pitch -Anthony

Here’s an enlightening quote from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management press office that Anthony didn’t manage in include in his conveniently partial copy-and-paste of the Seattle Times article (this is called burying the lede):

A BOEM spokeswoman, Theresa Eisenman, said the findings in the report do not support a conclusion that the scientists involved engaged in “scientific misconduct.”

I note that Google Ads still sees Anthony’s readership as prime targets for Brain Training Games. Indeed, indeed.

Cold homes and energy poverty

Cold homes and energy poverty” (May 17, 2011). Anthony Watts is annoyed that an editorial in the British Medical Journal, The health impacts of cold homes and fuel poverty, accepts “hook line and sinker the ridiculous recent claim of Super exponential accelerating CO2 growth” and even dares to reference it. Except, not really; the editorial quote makes no mention of “super exponential” and that research is only referred to in passing. Of course the fundamental point that CO2 levels are rising quickly is something that only an idiot (Hi Anthony!) would dispute.

See? Not accelerating! Much. From Skeptical Science.

Here’s the naughty paragraph (most evil bit in my italics):

The world community is struggling to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide is not merely continuing to rise when it should be starting to fall, but its rise is accelerating.8 The essence of the problem is our apparent unwillingness—as people, populations, and politicians—to put moral obligations above short term economic interests. So, when measures are identified that have negligible net cost and that will bring benefits on many fronts, including reducing health inequalities, they should be enthusiastically and promptly embraced and implemented.

So the editorial is really about how increasing the thermal efficiency of British homes, especially older rural housing stock, can keep them warmer in the winter and offer wide-ranging benefits to society. “Living in cold conditions is a risk to health.”

Isn’t that kind of, sort of, a bit like, nearly the same as the denialist meme that warmer is always better? You missed one Anthony.