On the Credibility of Climate Research, Part II: Towards Rebuilding Trust

On the Credibility of Climate Research, Part II: Towards Rebuilding Trust“. A guest essat by Dr. Judith Curry, a mainstream geophysicist, on the subject of scientific trust and credibility. Tellingly, she describes credibility as “a combination of expertise and trust”, neither are in evidence on Anthony’s blog. Dr. Curry has been engaged in conversation with denialists long enough that their murky thought processes and falsehoods have taken on a kind of face-value status in her mind. This is like the false journalistic balance that gives complete falsehoods the same standing as sound science simply because they come from opposing sides of a controversy.

Overall her piece is quite vague about many of the factual matters, leaves key issues and definitions poorly defined, and seems more interested in personalities than science. Regardless, Anthony doesn’t like some of her characterizations so he prefaces her remarks with a few accusations and charges of disrespect before ‘taking the high road’ to “broadly report the issues.”

Anthony, if you did that I’d have to find a new hobby.

There’s a more detailed criticism of Dr. Curry’s essay over on Climate Progress.

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