Archibald on stellar to climate linkage

Archibald on stellar to climate linkage“. Anthony Watts offers a guest post by Australian oil geologist David Archibald about how solar influence on the Earth’s climate and interaction with cosmic rays explains everything. Even though the sun’s influencing factors have been emphatically trending toward cooling and the actual Earth’s climate has been emphatically trending towards warming. Nice Google clip art research David, those charts sure are wiggly.

Why do those ‘conclusive’ patterns have such crappy correlation? Why are you using such indirect proxies and flipping them around so casually? And did the Little Ice Age really last right up until 1900?

Breaking news: the Little Ice Age was 500 years long!

David Archibald, a “scientist working in the fields of climate and cancer research” (emphasis mine) believes that the “more carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere, the more you are helping all plants on the planet to grow” (no need to add emphasis). David Archibald is a crank in two completely different areas of science? Nice…

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