Spencer: Spurious warming demonstrated in CRU surface data

Spencer: Spurious warming demonstrated in CRU surface data“. Dr. Roy Spencer again chooses un-scrutinized blogging over scientific publication. He’s selected some weather station records that let him make the conclusions he wants, and when he plots the differences between his selected stations and those used by the GHCN network of ‘climate-approved’ stations, there is a slight trend! Is it significant? Dr. Spencer chooses not to discuss that.

Instead he bravely asserts that his analysis “almost seem to suggest” a problem with the CRUTem3 dataset. Oh. Maybe that’s why Dr. Spencer didn’t submit this to a scientific journal.

How does he arrive at his conclusions? Well he waves his hands around invoking, but not quantifying, the Urban Heat Island effect. He praises the reboot of Anthony Watts’ discredited Surface Temperatures rant. He says that trying to clean up data-sets is hard, so don’t do it. He admits that researchers should be “doing their own global temperature analysis.” (But don’t the denialists prefer to ignorantly nitpick the work of others?)

Finally he reaches the point of the exercise; “We are back to square one” so let’s delay doing anything even if there is pretty good evidence that we should. Thus ending global warming forever.

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