Institute of Physics on Climategate

Institute of Physics on Climategate“. Anthony Watts finds it “rather astonishing” that the UK’s Institute of Physics thinks the inquiry into the accusations, based on quote-mined correspondence, against the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit should continue. The probable conclusion after filtering out the mom-and-apple-pie language: remember to use polite language when talking about assholes that are harassing you, even in private correspondence.

Anthony also sagely notes that his BFF, blowhard Australian journo Andrew Bolt, continues to repeat the comic claim that “Climategate reveals the greatest scientific scandal of our lifetime.”

Not much mention of the fundamental fact that even excluding the CRU’s impugned data, which has always been over 95% publicly available, other historical and modern climate records show a clear AGW signal. Why is that, I wonder?

2010-03-05 Update: Looks like the IOP statement was partially based on the views of an energy industry consultant who argues that global warming is a religion.

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