Wrong way econometricians

Wrong way econometricians“. Anthony Watts is happy to draw attention to a Dutch denialist “science writer” finding fault with a report from last Fall by two Dutch econometricians predicting 4°C warming by 2050. They conclude that aerosols have masked some of the warming produced by greenhouse gases and that this blocking effect will decline. But they used a CRU data set that isn’t optimized for detecting man-made climate change! What noobs! Even Ross McKitrick can take them down! Climatologists are such liars.

Wait a minute, they’re not climatologists, they’re econometricians. Anthony loves economists (as long as they bring the proper right-wing bias like Indur M. Golkany).

Wait a minute, their prediction of 4°C warming by 2050 is in line with other published predictions. Here’s a Washington Post article from last year for instance.

Wait a minute, they’re not trying to detect man-made climate change, they’re extrapolating from existing trends.

Quiet day, huh Anthony?

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