A UHI Tale of Two Cities

A UHI Tale of Two Cities“. Anthony Watts, the “old faithful” of thermometer-haters, spouts again. We get a lovely tour of Anthony’s weather station photo album and a few wiggly charts, such as this one:

Temperatures (apparently) from two different places!

Anthony (and fellow obsessive Steven Goddard) talk about what’s happened in Fort Collins but they have nothing to say about their “comparable” station in Boulder. Still, they’re comfortable concluding:

We have two weather stations in similarly sited urban environments. Until 1965 they tracked each other very closely.  Since then, Fort Collins has seen a relative increase in temperature which tracks the relative increase in population. UHI is clearly not dead.

Real conclusion: Temperatures from two different places will be different. So what? UHI is not the only explanation of that variation unless it is the only one you allow yourself to consider. Regardless, the effect of UHI in the temperature records used for climatological research has been proven to be completely irrelevant.

1 thought on “A UHI Tale of Two Cities

  1. Out of interest, do you know if WUWT ever responded to the recent paper (discussed e.g. here at skepticalscience) that showed poorly sited US weather stations show, if anything, a slight cooling bias?

    Or is he just back to posting this kind of story and completely ignoring that paper?

    [That seems to be the case. New ways of trying the same story without actually acknowledging the identified flaws (in fact, repeating them in new ways…) – Ben]

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