Big G panics

Big G panics“. Harold Ambler makes an “if wishes were fishes” analogy between the biblical Goliath and the “higher-ups of the AGW movement”. The “higher ups” are the conspiracists who have risen to Imperial Wizard rank, I guess. (Or are they Grand Marshals? I’m so bad with org charts.)

Harold tosses in sullen assertions about how skeptic scientists “maintain their intellectual freedom at significant risk” and face “ad hominem attacks of the most vicious variety”. I would suggest that he’s actually describing the literal treatment that Dr. Phil Jones has received and that denialist scientists get a free ride. They can play the “teach the controversy” card and can rely on libertarian cranks like Glenn Beck or Senator Inhofe to spin and accuse on their behalf.

I suppose an Old Testament analogy plays well with his audience.

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