The current El Niño: still hanging on

The current El Niño: still hanging on“. Ah, yes; El Niño. Invoked as often as possible as the cause of natural, temporary global warming by Anthony Watts and his fellow “thinkers”. Anthony copies-and-pastes a NASA press release or two (El Niño’s Last Hurrah and NASA’s Aura Sees El Niño’s Effects on the Atmosphere) on the subject to keep the natural, temporary idea bouncing around in people’s heads.

A satellite image of the Pacific Ocean's surface temperature. Now that's sciencey Anthony! Image credit: NASA/JPL.

Trouble is this El Niño has been too weak to account for the atmospheric warming we’ve recently experienced. What will Anthony talk about when this El Niño finally fades and the upward climate trend continues or accelerates? He’ll find something.

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