Ice Station Ztupid

Ice Station Ztupid“. Anthony Watts tries to put words into the mouths of the Catlin Arctic Survey and mocks them for reporting about arctic weather conditions. Nothing he hates more than someone reporting real field data, even if it is just anecdotal.

Anthony provides this quote “they want us to think that carbon dioxide caused the “recently refrozen open water” that they’ve seen“, but its a bogus accusation. He also points out that they’ve been dealing with intense cold. Why does he think that “global warming” means that it should be warm everywhere? Oh, Anthony.

Can anyone see a surface station?

2 thoughts on “Ice Station Ztupid

  1. This is the sort of post that indisputably proves why no sane person could ever have any respect for Anthony Watts or the people who make such inane comments on his website.

    The three people they are talking about have between them made dozens of expeditions to the polar regions, shared prestigious awards for their feats (and world class photography), and been ‘first’ in a number of endurance treks in the harshest and coldest parts of the world. They are currently doing a trip that few would dream of attempting and if anyone else dared to try they probably would not survive it.

    Instead of being in awe, the ignorant posters at WUWT are belittling them. It’s frightening to read the stupidity of Anthony’s post and the comments it has provoked. I need to take a shower.

  2. Deniers enjoy the comfort of a non-falsifiable system. If you are analyzing data and modeling trends, you aren’t a real scientist, because science is all about observations. But if you’re making observations and collecting the data, you’re ignoring the big picture and contributing piddling details that mean nothing and are easily explained away. That both activities are science, and science is nothing other than those two activities, they never seem to grasp.

    All these rules are null and void for the “science” of “skeptics,” of course; their every utterance is embraced with uncritical love and raptures for their prodigal talent akin to parents’ of a four-year-old receiving samples his first finger-painting.

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