Spiegel does 8 part series on current state of climate research

Spiegel does 8 part series on current state of climate research“. Anthony Watts tells us about this Spiegel Online article series that ” features Steve McIntyre prominently, and [is] well worth the read.”

The series starts with an already out-dated credulous rehash of the Climategate “scandal”. I guess it is a “worth the read” if you want to return to the time when wishful thinking could allow denialists to think that Climategate was merely a baseless political attack and not a completely rejected baseless political attack.

The remaining articles are a weakly argued denialist gruel of innuendo and mischaracterization (“alarmists” and the “levelheaded”) that heavily and uncritically quotes denialist pundits and “researchers”. Entertaining perhaps, but neither accurate nor insightful. Too bad.

3 thoughts on “Spiegel does 8 part series on current state of climate research

  1. I skimmed through the comments over at WTFWT on this article (as long as I could stomach them) and my belief that the cumulative IQ over there is mid-two-digits is confirmed.

    The choir is just as idiotic as they were when I first went there. Watts definitely has the troglodyte portion of humanity eating from his, ahhh, hand.

    [Time in the WTWT comments is hard time. – Ben]

  2. Yeah, I took a minute to read all the comments here and found the IQ level to be on a whole other level than that at the real WUWT.

    But what do you think of that stuff from the right-wing denialist rag, Der Spiegel?

  3. Do a search on the name “barry” to read his thoughtful and worthwhile comments, and the replies. In reply to an inline comment top one of barry’s posts, I wrote:”REPLY: Well unlike you, we at least put our names to our work. I’m never much impressed by lecturing from anonymous cowards. – A”

    Smokescreen. How about addressing the issue?

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