Big Bird meets Big Green

Big Bird meets Big Green“. Some YouTube science from Anthony Watts today. A vulture circles too close to a wind turbine in Crete and is struck. Wind turbines aren’t something that birds have an awareness of, but they share an interest in steady winds, especially up-drafts. I’ve also heard that bats may be drawn to them for some reason.

I guess this post demonstrates the soft, cuddly heart that beats inside even the sternest “skeptic”. That mean old wind turbine!

2 thoughts on “Big Bird meets Big Green

  1. I study I read about found that 30,000 birds in England would be killed by wind turbines, while a few million would be killed by cars and crashing into windows in buildings.

    [I haven’t seen those numbers, but they sound realistic. I recall an estimate of the number of songbirds killed by domestic cats each year in North America being in the hundreds of millions! – Ben]

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