Measure UHI in your town with this easy to use temperature datalogger kit

Measure UHI in your town with this easy to use temperature datalogger kit“. There’s nothing more satisfying for an obsessive-compulsive than measuring things. Keeping detailed notes about uncontrolled anecdotal observations is a great way to fill time. Anthony Watts needs money. With these three things in mind, Anthony wants to sell you an low-accuracy USB temperature sensor to stick on the roof of your car so you can restlessly cross and recross your town at night and then spend the next day whipping up a high-school science project about it.

But where will we display our bristle-board poster, and who will judge it?

I loved this quote:

The window mount holds the USB datalogger up and away from the vehicle in the clear airstream.

and the even funnier:

I didn’t want to pass a semi truck (speed limit 55mph for trucks through town) and pick up any waste heat.

Why does Anthony think we need to “prove” the Urban Heat Island effect? It’s widely discussed in the scientific literature and adjustments for it are made at many temperature recording stations.

5 thoughts on “Measure UHI in your town with this easy to use temperature datalogger kit

  1. Wait – this isn’t an April Fool’s joke? He’s serious about this? Is he really that stupid as to think climate scientists don’t know the UHI effect exists?
    As dumb as he’s shown himself to be, I don’t think he’s *that* dumb. His followers seem to be though, and Watts is likely to make a bit of money off their stupidity.

    [If it is an April Fool, it’s “a day late and a dollar short”, like everything else at WUWT. I actually thought his April 1 post about fire hydrants(!) was an intentional joke, but there was way too much effort put into it- Ben]

  2. All he is measuring is UHI as it is. No point in this.

    He needs a flux capacitor, a delorean and to hit 88mph then he could plot something useful – like how the UHI effect changes with population over time.

    A steady UHI effect of +20C will not affect measurements of increasing temperature.

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