The great imaginary ice barrier

The great imaginary ice barrier“. Ooh, Anthony Watts “victory” dance about increasing Arctic sea ice extent was embarrassingly short-lived. Two days. The sea ice increase, basically a product of weather in the Bering Sea, has declined a bit rather than ‘bursting through’ the average trend and Anthony has been forced to acknowledge it.

Since these fluctuations are really a reflection of local weather this could turn around again and permit Anthony to resume his dance. But for now, he must be embarrassed.

NSIDC April 3rd 2010 Arctic Sea Ice Extent. It stopped rising!

It must suck to have to juggle a succession of overblown pronouncements about how particular weather events disprove Global Warming. Maybe he’s testing out an exit strategy.  When Anthony says “Nature is just laughing at all of us” he means, of course, at himself.

3 thoughts on “The great imaginary ice barrier

  1. Oh, they’ve got much more over there. Like this one:

    Larry Hamlin (10:04:26) :
    … all IPCC Arctic sea ice extent models predict only declines in sea ice extent from 2007. Once again the IPCC climate prediction models have been proven wrong.

    I’m sure Watts will tell him how wrong he is.

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