An error in the pole hole assumption

An error in the pole hole assumption“. Even Steven Goddard chokes when the lunatic right-wing web site “The American Thinker”, which presumably he finds otherwise agreeable, tries to add to their roster of birther/muslim conspiracy theories by claiming that the decline in the Arctic sea ice extent has (naturally through a “trick”) been deliberately overstated.

Yes, the satellites for reasons of orbital mechanics can’t overfly the real north and south poles. No, that doesn’t mean that there are large stretches of open water concealed from our view at the north pole in the dead of winter.

Classic “Tea Party” mentality, which is so, so close to the denialist mentality.

  1. Choose desired conclusion (government is evil/earth not warming).
  2. Find something that you think might support your desired conclusion.
  3. Cling to it in spite of all contrary evidence and logic.

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