From Bonn with Love

From Bonn with Love“. Oooh, this is good. Anthony Watts has posted a blog and video from Count Chocula, I mean The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (“Global Warming Expert”) talking about tolerance! In particular, the lack of it in others. Monckton was recently famous for calling Jewish environmentalists “Nazis”. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth…

He’s also mad that the wealthy nations will foot the bill for an extra two weeks of climate pre-negotiation time in Mexico this December. Taxpayer’s money wasted! Of course the urgency comes from the need to complete the secret ‘world government’ before everyone realises that the whole Climate Change thing is just a made-up excuse to get the real ball rolling.

Also those African delegates can be so cute with their ” charming, old-world courtliness”. Except those “two messily-dressed ladies of uncertain age, with untidy hairdos and a hectoring, bossy manner”.

Count Chocula warns America. Love, love, LOVE the tie!

The video is basically a warning to America that the World Gubmint is coming to take away their freedoms. For no good reason at all.

1 thought on “From Bonn with Love

  1. That’s a quality pic!

    Why is it that denialists believe anyone who is on their ‘side’, no matter how utterly crazy they are?

    Oh yeah, cos they’re in denial. Guess the clue is in the name.

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