Lockwood demonstrates link between low sun and low temps

Lockwood demonstrates link between low sun and low temps“. Steven Goddard takes solar scientists to task for changing their opinions to reflect apparent changes in the Sun’s behavior. That’s called science, Steven. Unlike ignorantly misconstruing or misquoting Dr. Lockwood’s statements about Solar activity.

Plenty of confusion in the comments too. Is it a conspiracy? Are the solar physicists trying to quietly switch to the denialist side? Are the climate changes driven by low sunspot activity or high sunspot activity? Steven’s own sour contributions to the comments are particularly amusing.

The truth is that the Sun’s output is very constant with only trivial changes in activity such as sunspots and convection. These correlate poorly with the Earth’s climatic variations. Yes, the Sun’s energy input is the single largest input into our climate. But it doesn’t actually vary.

Keep looking for that “final nail”.

3 thoughts on “Lockwood demonstrates link between low sun and low temps

  1. I’m used to seeing the USA taken as the whole wide world. It’s refreshing and amusing to see that the UK is now the whole wide world for a change.

  2. And Steven Goddard never, ever changes his opinion. That’ not science — that’s called religion!

  3. One comment that hurt us Canadians was the “fact” that the NH has had a very cold winter. Another example of US and UK as proxies for entire hemispheres (if not the world).The commenter obviously didn’t watch the Olympics.

    Canada had the warmest winter Environment Canada has recorded. Do we not count as Northern Hemispherians?

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