Volcanoes Cause Climate Change

Volcanoes Cause Climate Change“. Steven Goddard again getting it backward. Sea-level changes, which are a result of climate change, are what drive variability in volcanism. They do this by changing the over-pressure on the lithosphere. Yes, a particular volcano can have a pronounced temporary effect on the global climate, but that’s measured in months, not decades.

Thanks for the interesting copy-and-paste about particular volcanic explosions but as far as your argument goes, try again.

2 thoughts on “Volcanoes Cause Climate Change

  1. Oh no! Its the volcanoes again. Interesting how “skeptics” believe several non-anthropogenic explanations for global warming at the same time.
    If they can’t convince you its the sun, they’ll switch to volcanoes or urban heat islands or some other argument.

  2. Ben, as you suggested on your “Dr. Richard Lindzen” thread on 24th, may I post my comment on volcanoes here.

    [No. The privacy-violating comments you attempted to make elsewhere on this website have earned you a temporary banishment. Too bad, because this particular comment might have led to a fruitful discussion. – Ben]

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