Which NASA climate data to believe?

Which NASA climate data to believe?” Anthony Watts makes a big deal over an accidental data error in the most recent GISS Global Temperature Anomaly (March 2010). The error was quickly corrected at the source, but the cries of “fraud!” are ringing out.

It’s a strange day when even Anthony has to pull in his horns and admit that the evil climatologists have simply made, and corrected, a trivial error.

1 thought on “Which NASA climate data to believe?

  1. Mirabile dictu! Anthony writes in an update: “REPLY: Actually, it’s not fraud, but common human error.”

    Ben, is it possible that the reason why WUWT has come clean and admitted that HUMAN BEINGS WHO CONDUST SCIENCE MAKE HONEST MISTAKES is because of the light you’ve been shining on all the errors in his posts?

    [I doubt I can take any of the credit. In this case I think that Anthony just went too far out on a limb and can hear the branch creaking beneath him! – Ben]

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