Clean air, a problem?

Clean air, a problem?” Anthony complains that those do-good tree hugging environmentalists have made Global Warming worse by removing all that useful air pollution. Except that Global Warming isn’t happening, right?

The LA Times’, Why cleaner air could speed global warming, which Anthony helpfully pastes into his post, is what has set him off.

Anthony, I hope you’re readers don’t realise that our efforts at reducing air pollution are a pretty good example of how we could mitigate Global Warming if we were serious about it…

2 thoughts on “Clean air, a problem?

  1. Hasn’t the IPCC addressed this under the general topic of aerosols?

    [Don’t ruin Anthony’s rant. – Ben]

  2. The oldest air pollution-human health connection on record is the connection between soot and scrotum cancers in London chimney sweeps. The public health connection dates back to the 18th century, but see this article for a sample.

    Sure, we could pull the controls on soot and let more of it out. Just sign the release over there that says you take all responsibility for your and anyone else’s scrotum cancers, and other cancers and ill-health effects . . .

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