Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 9 years

Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 9 years“. An “Earth Day” post from Anthony Watts. Apparently the planet loves us polluting it, so it’s laid on some extra Arctic sea ice as a token of its affection (on one interpretation anyway). Well actually the Arctic sea ice is still less than “normal”, but it’s something right?

Weather is not climate Anthony, this sea ice is residual from the unusual Arctic cold snap in March. Also half-wit humor is not science, although it is entertaining to watch the attempt.

Earth Day must be quite galling for Anthony and his buddies, they have a deep resentment of environmental activism. Don’t tell them what to do!

By the way, did you know that Earth Day is also Lenin’s birthday? Anthony’s readers all do…

3 thoughts on “Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 9 years

  1. While Ice Extent is near normal, Ice Volume anomaly is trending sharply downward. The last few data points are unprecedented over the satellite tracking period for this time of year.

    [OK, there must be a trick behind this. – Ben]

  2. Now that the NASA Icesat has been switched off , the ESA CRYOSAT is now on line and to run standard deviation equipment checks for the on board instrumentation they borrowed the NASA DC8 Operation Icebridge to fly parallel tracks and can be found here :

    Add that to the old cold war MOD UK Resolution Class submarine data from 1966 to 1996 at Cambridge University which they scanned and converted all is not well in the Arctic Circle in spite of Anthony’s desire it be so . It would appear the total summer collapse of the northern floating sea ice is running ahead of schedule compared to all the current available models and is making Al Gore jr estimates and predictions look a tad optimistic . Time is not on our side if that happens as to the effect it has on the weather patterns in both North America/Europe/Asia will soon be no longer theoretical but an evil reality .

  3. What they said. I got around to reading “Field Notes from a Catastrophe” the other day (good read, if anyone’s wondering) and in the midst of what one would think would be a classic “alarmist” perspective, circa 2005, one finds projections that seem wildly optimistic in retrospect. We may see an ice-free Arctic summer — as soon as 2080(!) There could be substantial methane release from the Arctic — MAYBE by the end of this century (try, it’s happening now). And so on.

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