New book from Dr. Roy Spencer

New book from Dr. Roy Spencer“. Anthony Watts gives us the press release for Dr. Roy Spencer’s new book entitled (with great hubris) “The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists“. Dr. Spencer is widely known as an enthusiastic denialist whose own blunders are well recorded.

The press release is a comically amateur effort at convincing and not describing. Get a load of this random unsubstantiated bunk (italics mine):

Believe it or not, this potential natural explanation for recent warming has never been seriously researched by climate scientists. The main reason they have ignored this possibility is that they cannot think of what might have caused it.

There are tens of thousands of papers discussing natural forcings in climatology. Here’s another juicy bit (italics Dr. Spencer’s):

But in Blunder I address what other scientists should have the courage to admit: that maybe putting more CO2 in the atmosphere is a good thing.

Man, that’s so 2008.

You have to love headings like “NATURE’S SUNSHADE: CLOUDS” and “CARBON DIOXIDE: FRIEND OR FOE?” too. I’m having flashbacks to my Grade Eight science project.

2 thoughts on “New book from Dr. Roy Spencer

  1. Being of curious mind , I went over to Amazon Books and bravely attempted to read the twenty two odd page introduction . Sadly the missive was so convoluted twisted and meandering I kept losing track of what he was trying to say lost in a back current eddy by about the third page .

    Does it have new creative earth shaking ground breaking creative revolutionary knowledge one can use in the field of climate science ? I personally think not , for if it did his fellow ever skeptical fellow scientists would be waving the very same banner at the same time . I note also he is going outside his peer reviewing skeptical fellow scientists to tell much ado about nothing to the court of the under educated easily swayed by hive mind public opinion to drum up the next ” Salem Witch Hunt of kill all the scientists he/she is telling us too many inconvenient truths in the 21st century” . Who benefits?

    Do I see such a banner being waved by any noted 38,000 plus climate scientists other than by a lone Dr Roy ? The answer is No !

    Me , I be but one lone voice of dissent over at r/climateskeptics soon to be possibly banned for posting too many inconvenient truths that go against a sleeping hive mind . Not that I mind , for in the end we all have to move on and continue the learning process to live in this one world we call home .

    Alas one lone dissenting voice to the hive mind that exists there will not change their reality , it may make the fence sitters start to ask the same questions of who benefits . This book totally and creatively flies in the face of reality in the real world of real science though .

    However if you don’t bother to think or keep examining the real world around you out of curiosity that is not living it is the slow death of mind asphyxiation from the fear of change .

    Keep up the good work Ben , we need more people like you to keep both our feet well planted in the real world and show us the charlatans sent to deceive us at the same time! Sadly , as for where Dr Roy’s feet are after trying to get past the first three pages of his convoluted meandering introduction , I have absolutely no idea where they be ? But they do appear not to be planted in the real world we all live in .

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