Russian scientist suggests colder times ahead, cites UHI as a worry

Russian scientist suggests colder times ahead, cites UHI as a worry“. My gosh, Anthony Watts has proof that there’s no Global Warming! It’s all Urban Heat Island effect, which no-one has ever noticed. Just ask Oleg Pokrovsky from the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory.

He apparently claims, on the basis of nothing, that there has been a 12 year “Arctic cold snap” that no-one has noticed. They’ve all been tricked by those lyin’ thermometers in the US which are merely showing UHI effects. Eye-roll.

2 thoughts on “Russian scientist suggests colder times ahead, cites UHI as a worry

  1. Dear Colleague,

    Thank you for discussion of my conclusions presented at recent IPY conference occurred in AARI (St. Petersburg, Russia).
    My vision of future climate is based on comprehensive analysis of climate index series analysis, which permits to reveal fundamental quasi-periodical oscillations in most components of climate system:
    -Solar activity
    -SST of ocean (AMO and PDO)
    -Surface air temperature
    – Surface irradiance
    -Ice extent in Russian Arctic Seas
    I found that that those are in strong coherence when inter-annual climate noise was removed in each of them.
    My motivation might be illustrated by a set of figures presented at recent Arctic Frontiers Conference (Tromso, Norway)

    [This link worked better for me, but your figures by themselves aren’t convincing without supporting explanations. “Detrending” seems to be a slippery analytical decision. I see no mention of misleading Urban Heat Island effects that has been connected to your presentation by Global Warming deniers. – Ben]

  2. Dear Ben,

    Urban Heat Island effects at US network is presented at site


    [What a sad statement to read. It diminishes your scientific credibility in so many ways. The surfacestations project is a deeply biased amateur project that on several occasions, most recently by Menne et. al., 2010, has been conclusively shown to be irrelevant. UHI is, of course, widely discussed in the legitimate literature and adjustments are made to reduce its influence. – Ben]

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