Australia dumps Carbon Trading Scheme

Australia dumps Carbon Trading Scheme“. Politicians focussing on short-term political goals in the face of partisan opposition is somehow proof to Anthony Watts that Global Warming isn’t happening. Whatever.

By the way they delayed the carbon trading scheme, they didn’t “dump” it.

3 thoughts on “Australia dumps Carbon Trading Scheme

  1. Needless to say, they cite an article from “The Australian” – the Murdoch broadsheet that is leading the charge on the “War against science” (See Tim Lambert’s Deltoid blog for continuing monitoring of their war).

    He also cites Andrew Bolt – Australia’s leading climate change denialist, owner of a blog that is the main clearing house for denialist propoganda in Australia.

    And I agree – it means nothing in regards to the science. Still, that the key tactic of the denial movement is to convince enough people their our doubts about he science. Headlines are sufficient for them.

  2. When politicians don’t act, it’s proof global warming isn’t really happening.

    When politicians do act, it’s proof global warming is a world governmental conspiracy.

    They have both bases covered.

    [Catch-22! – Ben]

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