Marketing Advice For Mad Scientists

Marketing Advice For Mad Scientists“. Anthony Watts says that the 250 scientists (all members of the élite US National Academy of Sciences) who have signed a letter condemning the recent political and personal attacks on scientists, particularly prominent climatologists, are not exhibiting “good judgement”.

Anthony also says that “it has not gone over too well” because Andy Revkin, a journalist who is now courting page views from Denialists, says so. The letter even uses “the d-word”! And they’re not climate scientists. Oops, they are. Barely literate Anthony even calls it “poorly written”.

In fact it’s such a failure that Anthony has to resort to putting words in their mouths to assuage his resentment. His post reminds me of the class clown hunched down in the back row, snickering at his own ‘brilliance’.

Anthony’s also putting in a full court press delaying or editing the few comments that challenge his version of the truth, even though his commenters are working themselves into even more of a lather than usual. I particularly enjoyed the comments comparing the letter to the bogus “30,000 scientists” that “signed” the crack-pot Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine Petition.

Read the Science letter here.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Advice For Mad Scientists

  1. Watts continues to miss the boat (deliberately, but he won’t admit it) on what the scientific community has to say about the state of research into climate change, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he resorts to such a silly post. The irony is everywhere, like the lack of “climate science credentials of the first 20 signatories.” Anthony: look in the mirror for that one!

  2. Sceptics’ Oregon Petition: 0.24% of potential signatories signed.

    Sceptics’ APS Petition: 0.45% of those who were asked signed (a potential 47,000).

    This letter: 10.5% of potential signatories signed, but 100% of those who were actually asked signed.

    Do the maths and draw your own conclusions.

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