Add your own ‘Radar Channel’ to your TV

Add your own ‘Radar Channel’ to your TV“. Anthony tells us that he’s “invented” the computer: the “StormPredator Radar Appliance”. Actually he’s selling a small form-factor Windows box that mounts behind your TV and displays local weather radar using your internet connection.

Now you can sit in your living room and watch the climate not change. Wait, didn’t Al Gore invent the internet!?! Oh, the irony.

1 thought on “Add your own ‘Radar Channel’ to your TV

  1. Irony number two, guess who supplies the money to maintain, operate, update and equip these special doppler weather radar installations in North America as part of the national weather service? Could it be that evil organization called NOAA found here:

    Truly poor Anthony has lost the plot of epic proportions. On one hand he attacks, ridicules and derides nearly all NOAA officials who don’t think as he does. On the other hand avails himself freely to all the free services they offer or provide. Double standards much does he?

    cui bono

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