Climate Actually Changes! Film at 11:00!

Climate Actually Changes! Film at 11:00!“. The USA’s EPA has done a masterful job of responding to denialist submissions about their finding that rising CO2 emissions constitute an environmental danger. Anthony Watts and Co. have, sensibly, been pretty quiet about this hoping that their readers will remain unaware of the smack-down.

Part of that effort was an educational report released in April, 2010 called Climate Change Indicators in the United States.

Willis Eschenbach's statistical analysis of the state of climate knowledge...

Willis Eschenbach tries to brave it out here, inventing a cute pie chart that apparently “shows” how little we know about climate. Other than that he simply waves his arms about indignantly about choices of words and other nit-picked irrelevancies. They don’t interpret the Heat Wave Index trend the way he thinks they should! A reference link doesn’t go to the data it’s supposed to! The Drought Monitor indicator is too new!

24 indicators, nit-picks with two of them.

3 thoughts on “Climate Actually Changes! Film at 11:00!

  1. I ran across the following phrase somewhere, which I always use when people invoke Willis Eschenbach’s central argument: “If we don’t know everything, does it follow that we know nothing?”

    [Precisely. Garden variety logical fallacy. For the denialists, any excuse to delay is a good excuse. – Ben]

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me. This must insult the intelligence of even the WUWT readers. To have a massive chunk of the chart titled “What we don’t know we don’t know about the climate”… well, if we don’t know we don’t know it, one cannot possibly quantify how much we don’t know we don’t know. Hell, he may as well have scaled it up to 99.9999999%. It would be just as (in)valid.

    With this kind of rubbish, and the ridiculous claims that pressure is able to heat Venus beyond BB temp (I must remember to invest in some squashed air for the winter months!), it really begs the question, why is anyone listening to these fools?

  3. That’s an incredibly precise chunk of pie for something we supposedly don’t know we don’t know.

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