October Through March Was the Snowiest On Record In The Northern Hemisphere

October Through March Was the Snowiest On Record In The Northern Hemisphere“. Steven Goddard pretends once again that regional weather is the same as global climate while making snide remarks about Nobel laureates. This is B.S. to fool the gullible and Steven probably knows it.

But I have to ask; is his “no Global Warming” argument getting so weak that cherry-picking locations is no longer enough? Does he also have to pretend that higher snowfall is an indicator of cold temperatures? Since when does “more snow” = “colder”? Snow volumes depend on air moisture, which drops with temperature. So more winter snow actually means warmer winter conditions.

Maybe no-one will notice the logic disconnect, Steven.

By the way, I love how the numbers from the meteorological offices that suit Steven are gobbled up eagerly, but the ones that don’t suit him are (very) darkly questioned. Are the Met offices liars or aren’t they?

An aside, since I’m covering this WUWT post late and there are lots of comments over there. Steven is getting more and more juvenile in his response to critical comments and Anthony has contributed this revealing editorial remark:

REPLY: Phil, I’ll explain it for you. As a publicly funded professor at a major university who is too timid to put his name to his words, who uses a university email address and IP infrasturcture, and often posts inflammatory comments, all your posts automatically go to the penalty box along with SPAM for examination. When they are examined they get released.

Want more respect? Want to get out of the penalty box reserved for weasels on the public dole that are always critical but too cowardly to criticize on the same open level? Then have the courage to put you name to your words like I do every day and I’ll elevate you. Otherwise stop your whining. – Anthony Watts

That’s a pretty shocking display of prejudice against presumed public employees, proof of willingness to impede critical comments, and an unethical willingness to try to intimidate opponents by revealing personal information. So much for Anthony’s vaunted “open forum”. It goes further downhill from there. Disgusting.

Anthony you are an unethical, unscientific, hypocritical, partisan dissembler. Steven, you’re just an enthusiastically blinkered denialist.

3 thoughts on “October Through March Was the Snowiest On Record In The Northern Hemisphere

  1. Hi Ben,

    To cherry pick the other direction, April had the lowest North American snow coverage recorded (for an April).

    To stop with the cherries altogether, as you are probably aware, Tamino has shown that there is a clear downward trend in Summer snow cover, while there is no significant trend in Winter snow cover. Now, I wonder if Anthony and friends can explain snow albedo feedback …

    [Good points. The Tamino link would be Cherry Snow and Snow from February 2010. A real keeper! That albedo feedback concept is yet another head-scratcher. – Ben]

  2. Wow, Anthony’s ‘sin bin’ seems anti-intellectual enough to make even Michale Crichton spin in his grave.

    I’ve stopped visitin WUWT as it just causes impotent rage and increases his rankings. Thanks for starting up this blog so I can see what the bottom feeders are up to.

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