Where the !@#$% is Svalbard?

Where the !@#$% is Svalbard?” Willis Eschenbach posts his 2006 “paper” printed in the discredited journal Energy & Environment. Willis was trying to nit-pick the weather-station records for Svalbard Norway, and didn’t like the way he was treated (to my eye he was a simply making a pest of himself). The best he could do was gnaw a tiny bit on the probability that the post by Michael Mann & Phil Jones assigned to the Svalbard 2006 spring temperatures.

His “paper” really boils down to a rant against the climatologists at Real Climate. It’s full of unsupported speculation, irrelevant “he said, she said” passages and claims of blog comment censorship and unfair treatment. Now it’s updated with praise of Anthony Watts’ website as a shining(!) example of good scientific blogging.

Thanks for the chuckle, but what a sad example of the crap that Energy & Environment was publishing then.

1 thought on “Where the !@#$% is Svalbard?

  1. You come across as sad and bitter.

    Paraphasing Gandhi:

    First they ignore us
    Then they laugh at us
    Next they fight us
    Then we win!

    You are halfway between 2 and 3.

    [Funny, I thought denialists preferred to think of themselves, individually, as towering modern-day Galileos. But why do you choose to frame the subject as political rather than scientific? Oh right, that’s a much easier game to play. – Ben]

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