Zooming In on an Infant Solar System

Zooming In on an Infant Solar System“. Steven Mosher dumps in an off-topic copy and paste of a University of Arizona press release,  Zooming In on an Infant Solar System. Anthony likes to see these posts occasionally because they can be pointed to as proof that his denialist website isn’t completely anti-science.

A protoplanetary disk visualization. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The UA scientists combined light from two Keck telescopes and further boosted the resolution using spectro-astrometry to observe a protoplanetary disk 500 light years from Earth. Matter accretes to a star in two possible ways; as it falls directly onto star, or following tangential paths constrained by magnetic fields that result in super-heated and ionized gas impacting the star at high speeds. After observing 15 protoplanetary disks, most seem to follow the latter pattern.

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