Poudre River Sets A Record

Poudre River Sets A Record“. Steven Goddard wants us to know that a flooding river in Colorado is proof that last winter was cold. Therefore there has been no Global Warming. Thanks for settling that once and for all Steven!

Oh, wait. We don’t rely on local short-term weather patterns to understand climate trends, do we?

1 thought on “Poudre River Sets A Record

  1. “GLOBAL WARMING STUDY’………. The “Colorado River Water Availibility Study” was commissioned by state water officials (Colorado Water Conservation Board).

    “About three-quarters of the state’s water originates west of the Continental Divide, in the headwaters of the Colorado River and its tributaries, much of it in the form of snow.”

    Some of this is orographic precipitation. Fort Collins and the Poudre River are on the other side of the Continental Divide, on the Eastern Slope. So they typically receive less precipitation.

    There is a draft form of this study available for public comment, for ninety days, here.

    So, Steven Goddard has an opportunity to submit his own comments, on the subject of global warming.

    “PREDICTS”………. There is the usual WUWTian comparison of the PRESENT (weather now) to what is forecast for the FUTURE (climate then).

    The 2040 forecast is approximately +3.5°F on a 1950-2005 baseline, using Western Slope weather stations.

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