Does money grow in wind farms?

Does money grow in wind farms?” Charles Rotter tells us that a right-wing UK journalist thinks that “wind turbines are a poor way to harness energy – but a very good way to generate public subsidies“. Damn business interests sucking up government money! Wait, aren’t denialists almost universally in favor of letting business solve all environmental problems by being profit-oriented?

2 thoughts on “Does money grow in wind farms?

  1. I guess there is no profit when you use free wind fuel.
    What part of free fuel do they not understand?
    Why do I not understand the stupid?

    [There are some big construction and delivery costs in wind power currently, hence the subsidies to encourage businesses. There’s nothing libertarians hate more than the government “encouraging” something! – Ben]

  2. Maybe someone should a cost comparison between a coal fired generating plant and a wind power farm of comparable capacity.

    Cost of land, building material, construction, maintenance, operating crews, fuel delivery, waste removal, transmission lines…everything involved.

    IMHO a properly located wind farm, best wind location, will pay for itself much quicker that coal plant since the operating costs are ever so much cheaper.

    In other words: money makers.

    I suspect that once wind power becomes more established, those with money who have been fighting wind farms will very quietly start buying in so as to not be left behind.

    [Yes, wind power looks better when including full life cycle costs and comparing to new coal plants rather than the direct cost of running an existing coal plant. There are a surprising variety of costs for coal and oil that disconnected from the “business” of coal energy. Our society absorbs them. – Ben]

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