Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz

Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz“. Australia’s local cranks are an intense bunch, which means a warm, if tiny, welcome for visitor Anthony Watts’ obsessive ignorance. What deep new knowledge has Anthony gained from his international travels?

Well Anthony can always find a weather station to complain about and there will always be reports of “cold weather” somewhere. Also the Australian government, for presumably contemptible bureaucratic reasons, hates deceased American photographer Ansel Adams (commercial photographers need permission and must pay a fee to photograph in Commonwealth reserves, aka national parks).

1 thought on “Perfect place for a thermometer in Oz

  1. Pitiful isn’t it, another ‘quackery on tour’ when we Aussies have not yet recovered from the maniacal rants of Toad of Toad Hall (aka Monckton).

    Now it’s weather man Watts, and partner-in-spin: “internationally acclaimed Perth-based environmental scientist” (ahem!), one David Archibald, a geo, who drills for oil in Western Australia’s Canning Basin.

    Is this the best the pollutocrats can scrape up out of “31,000 sceptical scientists?”

    [Archibald is also a cancer kook. Look on this visit as a distraction to keep your nutters off the street for a bit. – Ben]

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