Then and now, Europe, US to see snowy, cold winters: expert

Then and now, Europe, US to see snowy, cold winters: expert“. Charles Rotter thinks that Dr. James Overland re-evaluating predictions in a story on means that he’s just making it up as he goes along. So Charles does some making it up of his own with some pretend quotes.

Who said this? Not Dr. Overland.

We used to think that a warming Arctic with melting ice would be part of a warming trend, but instead, we got a lot of snow and cold weather, so the warming Arctic kinda messed with all those, you know, patterns and stuff like that we expected like.

But is the Arctic warming? Yes. Don’t give up the day job, Charles.

4 thoughts on “Then and now, Europe, US to see snowy, cold winters: expert

  1. The deniers don’t recognize what “climate change” will mean. That climate will change to something unexpected – making current climate records unrepresentative. And while we’re trying to understand what’s just happened, it continues changing.

    The only constant will be the WUWT collection of quotations. As big as Bartlett’s, it will be a never ending source for articles as critical and irrelevant as this one.

  2. Let us know when Sea Ice Weekly #9 comes out … should be fun :-)

    [Steven Goddard is chasing his tail in ever tighter circles! – Ben]

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