Catch-up #1

So while I’ve been “away” the idiocy and outrage at Watts Up With That has continued unabated. It’s too funny to just let it drain away like the sour milk that it fundamentally is though. So I’ll do some one-liners to try to catch up with Anthony’s verbal diarrhea…

Scientists study shifting attitude to climate change (June 15, 2010): Steven Mosher rises up to the level of Grade Nine peanut gallery when describing an Australian Broadcast News radio transcript about Global Warming. Apparently there’s nothing he can do to counter to rational statements. How dare scientists “publicise the facts of climate science”!

Arctic Albedo (June 16, 2010): Deep thoughts from Steven “Shemp” Goddard. Snow is shiny! Until we can precisely predict clouds, we can’t say anything about the Arctic! So forget about Arctic Sea Ice extent, or volume, or… WUWT readers are agog.

Scan of Arctic ice dispels melting gloom: Researcher (June 16, 2010): Steven Mosher wants us to know that an aerial EM survey of one small area last year proves that there’s plenty of thick, thick ice up there in the Arctic. Oh really?

Whale poop fights global warming (June 16, 2010): Whale researchers conclude that sperm whales in the Southern Ocean sequester 400,000 tonnes of carbon a year through iron-rich defecation. Steven Mosher giggles a bit.

Oz report – Footy at least has rules (June 16, 2010): Anthony’s “grand tour” of Australia’s finest empty rental halls was interrupted by confrontation by actual coral reef expert Dr. Hoegh-Guldberg. Anthony and his fellow gypsies agree that the Dr. was mean.

Margaret Thatcher: the world’s first climate realist (June 16, 2010): His Most Royal Majesty Christopher Monckton shows up to explain that he was the genius behind everything Margaret Thatcher did. Also, he walked 5 miles through the snow to school every day (uphill both ways).

Peer reviewed whack a mozzie (June 17, 2010): In a bit of denialist circularity, Anthony Watts pastes in a posting from the “Science and Public Policy Institute” which itself is a paste-up of a “World Climate Report” post (both laughably misnamed). Apparently malaria hasn’t increased even though mosquitos like warmer climates! Therefore, there has been no Global Warming. Assuming, of course, that there hasn’t been any public health efforts to control the disease…

Nasa warns solar flares from ‘huge space storm’ will cause devastation (June 17, 2010): Steven Mosher re-posts a Telegraph article about a NASA what-if presentation at a Space Weather conference. More ignorant “NASA is a worrywart about everything!” nonsense.

An Aggie Joke (June 17, 2010): Steven Goddard falsely pins a incorrect claim that there has been a 3°C increase over the last hundred years on A&M Professor Gerald North, leading to much denialist hate mail, and then tries to imply that the flat temperature trend for just Texas summers invalidates the well-known record of an increase of nearly 1°C (and accelerating) over the last 130 years. Steven says that”Every fact and statistic quoted are suspect” but doesn’t realise that he is self-describing.

How to improve the IPCC (June 17, 2010): Steven Mosher cherry picks a few quotes from a Nature news report about a committee that is considering ways for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to correct errors in their reports in a timely fashion. Denialists have made great hay out of trivial errors in the sections that don’t deal with the physical evidence of Global Warming.

Americans Not Inclined To Pay More To Fight Global Warming (June 17, 2010): Breaking news in Canada Free Press (tagline: “Because without America, there is no Free World.”) – no-one wants to pay for anything! I thought I was the only one.

UK Climate Minister: “Britons Are ‘Inherently Sceptical’ Of Climate Science And Politics” (June 17, 2010): Yes, public opinion polls are what decide whether Global Warming is happening or not.

8 thoughts on “Catch-up #1

  1. Hilarious and they never flinch from an opportunity to scheme and plot, no matter how sordid. Have a look at the snorters, Australian journo, Mark Lawson’s propagating over at OLO. Mark Lawson aka ‘Curmudgeon’ that is:

    Can’t wait for the reviews of Lawson’s book and I sincerely trust he’s wearing his hard hat and hazmat suit when the scientific community catch up with this fool. Speaking of fools, is Ian Plimer lurking in your neck of the woods at present? There’s a few Aussies demanding a refund after being duped into purchasing his book, “Heaven and Mirth” err…..Earth!

    [I haven’t heard of Pilmer arriving here, Monckton seems to be the preferred braying looney import. Quite entertaining to read Mark Lawson equate all climate research expenditure to ‘warmist activism’ but characterize actual industrial lobbying as mere part-time, shoe-string efforts… – Ben]

  2. Yes, public opinion polls are what decide whether Global Warming is happening or not.

    It’s an infectious disease.

    See Sen. Inhofe here, saying, essentially, that since he’s been successful in duping people, according to a few polls, that means warming hasn’t occurred.

    I look forward to the day Dave Barry’s sabbatical ends. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The stuff that gets made up is, at least, clever.

  3. Plimer doesn’t bray, he bores. And bores and bores and bores.

    He’s only good for panels and interviews – and he’s not much value there anyway. Not even snigger value.

  4. Thanks for the link Ed Darrell.

    Stanford University’s Stephen Scheider et al’s ‘Credibility in Climate Change,’ (sent for review in December 2009 and published this year) separated their research on climate scientists into two groups:

    CE = Convinced by the evidence on climate change
    UE = Unconvinced by the evidence on climate change

    Alas for the unhinged and duplicitous Inhofe, the following evidence emerged:

    • Only 2% of the UE group were in the top 50 of climate researchers as ranked by expertise (number of publications)
    • Only 3% of the UE group were in the top 100 and only 2.5% in the top 200. Tsk tsk!
    • The evidence revealed that 97% of self-identified, actively publishing climate scientists agree with the tenets of anthropogenic climate change.

    Of course, relaying that vital information to an aliterate public, who fail to read beyond the tabloids, remains a serious problem.

  5. I see Goddard has jumped the shark (Arctic Ice increasing nearly 50k km2 a year). Already the Organ Grinder has stepped in to limit the damage. Poor Goddard. Even The Register dispensed with his services. When will Watts recognise Goddard for the liability he is and cut him loose?

    [:-) – Ben]

  6. Over at a thread on Deltoid, a commenter posted

    “I hear that the shortest measureable period of time is not 100 attoseconds as previously stated. It is now defined as the interval between a top climate scientist being cleared of all charges and a “sceptic” blogger posting a sentence containing the word “WHITEWASH!!!”. “

    But Anthony Watts seems to have moved into negative time. He knows Muir Russell is a whitewash before he has read it:

    “To summarize: it’s a whitewash in the purest sense of the word. I don’t expect career team player Sir Muir Russell’s report to be any different. “

    Just Wow. Here’s a full list of the conspirators that Watts has just defamed:

    House of Commons Science and Technology Committee:

      Mr Phil Willis (Liberal Democrat, Harrogate and Knaresborough)(Chair)
      Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods (Labour, City of Durham)
      Mr Tim Boswell (Conservative, Daventry)
      Mr Ian Cawsey (Labour, Brigg & Goole)
      Mrs Nadine Dorries (Conservative, Mid Bedfordshire)
      Dr Evan Harris (Liberal Democrat, Oxford West & Abingdon)
      Dr Brian Iddon (Labour, Bolton South East)
      Mr Gordon Marsden (Labour, Blackpool South)
      Dr Doug Naysmith (Labour, Bristol North West)
      Dr Bob Spink (Independent, Castle Point)
      Ian Stewart (Labour, Eccles)
      Graham Stringer (Labour, Manchester, Blackley)
      Dr Desmond Turner (Labour, Brighton Kemptown)
      Mr Rob Wilson (Conservative, Reading East)

    The Oxburgh Report

      Chair: Prof Ron Oxburgh FRS (Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool)
      Prof Huw Davies, ETH Zürich
      Prof Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Prof Lisa Graumlich, University of Arizona.
      Prof David Hand FBA, Imperial College, London.
      Prof Herbert Huppert FRS, University of Cambridge
      Prof Michael Kelly FRS, University of Cambridge

    Muir Russell

      Sir Muir Russell KCB FRSE
      Professor Geoffrey Boulton OBE, FRS, FRSE
      Professor Peter Clarke, F.InstP, C.Phys, F.IET, C.Eng
      David Eyton M.A. M.IoM3 C.Eng.
      Professor Jim Norton FIET FBCS FIoD FRSA
  7. Sadly in Australia, in addition to Ian Plimer, we have a rather amusing ersatz skeptic Joanne Nova. Her meaningless drivel and propaganda laced rhetoric truly insults all forms of logic and rational thought is viewable directly on her own website.

    One could politely say after the last of several peer reviews of her Heartland published straight to the Trash can “Skeptics Handbook”, she is not a happy camper at some males daring to point out all her glaring obvious errors and mistakes. And to add insult to injury, one is publishing an Internet friendly debunking pdf pamphlet too. Silly Joanne, if you expect to play with propaganda climate science 101, the real world has some very nasty inconvenient truths and realities.

    When will we learn to ignore these silly buzzing fleas pretending to be ersatz skeptics and get on with the real business at hand, of getting the Politicians to ignore mindless meaningless industry noise and drivel and do the job we pay them to do!

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