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Comment of the week: Anthony Watts thinks a goofy comment about the vileness of “academia” is worth making special note of. Note the incorrect punctuation and embrace of stereotype when Alexander Feht says:

I completely understand, why Christopher Monckton felt a need to make an example of a typical reprehensible representative of modern Academia.

So Watts Up With That is now officially anti-academic? An odd perspective for a “science” website.

Funny though, it’s Monckton’s response to Prof. Abraham’s analysis that is full of arm-waving bluster.

3 thoughts on “Comment of the week

  1. This latest attack is only the latest in a series of anti-intellectual and anti-science attacks. Watts does nothing to damp down the hate-speech, but drew attention to the “cockroaches” remark for special praise.

  2. Watts himself chimed in down in the comments section there. It’s quite amusing.

    (From )

    REPLY: Big update being planned just prior to the release of our paper. After having NCDC “borrow” our own work before it was even done, against my objections, I’m not going to give them anything to build on further until the paper is out. -A

    So the big surfacestations paper, the one that will prove once and for all that scientists have been cooking the temperature books, will be released Real Soon Now. And when it is, those dastardly NCDC/NOAA climate scientists will scatter like cockroaches!

    [I’m already lacing up my runners for the quick and humiliating exit that will clearly be required of me. :-) – Ben]

  3. That thread is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Here’s another gem:

    Richard says:
    July 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

    His blog, his rules. Alexander lives in the Rockies, perhaps a Galt’s Gulch can be started there!

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