The Improving State of the World

The Improving State of the World. Indur Goklany’s back to tell us that his new think-tank book explains how we can grow our way out of any problem. Free trade solves everything! And the more energy we use the better. Just look at the numbers for the “objective measurement of human well-being”! And that’s the end of the tunnel up there, not an on-coming train.

Goklany’s thesis is true if you think getting ready for the weekend is long-range planning, but its classic think-tank myopia. It also feeds into Anthony Watts’ theme that the crypto-communist greenies are trying to force us to live in caves eating raw potatoes.

2 thoughts on “The Improving State of the World

  1. Past increases in agricultural production haven’t been enough. Currently there aren’t adequate global food reserves – relief efforts have to buy food on the open market.

    Future increases, for increasing populations, must occur despite declining aquifers and declining Himalayan glaciers. Rising sea levels will destroy fertile river delta farmland…

    The ocean is overdrawn as a food source, and facing higher temperatures, acidification, and increasing dead zones…

    Increasing genetic engineering is inevitable, but risky…

    Indur Goklany’s enthusiasm for the Green Revolution isn’t relevant to tomorrow’s problems.

  2. Ben – Do you have anything more in your “critique”? Can you provide sourced data that contradicts any of Mr Goklany’s? Or is your whole schtick just to mock? Is sarcasm your only vehicle?

    [You’ll see what you want to see, won’t you? Oh, by the way I must apologize for stating that Indur’s book was new. I forgot that Anthony likes recycle old “news” and didn’t notice that The Improving State of the World was published in 2007. Thanks for the news-flash Anthony! – Ben]

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