There’s been a remarkable drop in comment quality here over the last day or two, but a rather massive increase in visitors. Seems that this is down to a sudden and unexpected influx of Anthony’s readers.

The purpose of this blog is not school-yard taunting, it is to highlight Anthony Watts’ unending dishonesty and hypocrisy. Sue me if I start to find it all a bit comical.

Please note that all comments are screened here. Don’t expect any more insightful denialist arguments like “bet you got a small dick” to make it through. Don’t stink up the place!

7 thoughts on “Welcome?

  1. I’d guess it’s a result of: How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands

    Anthony, did you know that there’s a site mocking your site?

    It’s called http://www.wottsupwiththat.com

    Everyone- invade this Wotts Up With That blog, and show him that we don’t appreciate mockery- that’s what 5 year olds do!

    REPLY: Oh, I’ve been aware of this adolescent guy named Ben Lawson in Toronto for quite some time. The best thing to do is simply ignore him, he’s a narcissist and loves the attention. Don’t give him any. – Anthony

    [Now that’s funny! Anthony gives a simultaneous display of hostility, prejudice, and obsession! But his readers can’t resist their compulsions. – Ben]

  2. A massive drop in quality and an influx of WUWTists – are you suggesting that the two are related !

    It would appear that Watts is also peeved at the good work going on at SKEPTICAL SCIENCE – so much so that he totally embarrassed himself (or would have done, if he had any shame) by posting the following :

    John Cook – embarrassing himself

    Probably explains why Goddard had to go – WUWT only has room for one jester…;-)

  3. So glad you’re back man. Watching colleagues get routinely dissed and threatened sucks but every night I can read your stuff and know that there’s more in the world than manufactured outrage and gullible angry villagers.

  4. I would have thought you would appreciate the extra readers.

    [It’s just that the way their lips move as they read distracts me. – Ben

  5. It’s fabulous to find a site dedicated to reviewing and commenting on the doings of Watt’s Up With That, congratulations. There’s a poster on a BBC science board that sees it as their life’s mission to turn that particular BBC proboard into an Anthony Watt annex. I don’t have as much time as I would like to discuss the issues raised there so thanks again for a Watts induced angst palliative.
    Suggesting something that goes against the perceived wisdom at Watts site is to render rational argument redundant and accept that it’s ok to have your intellect and character impugned. Keep up the good work. Helen x

    [Illegitimi non carborundum! – Ben]

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