Watching lightning jets hit the ionosphere

Watching lightning jets hit the ionosphere. Like all of Anthony Watts’ “informative” posts, all he did here was copy and paste a item about lightning jets.

Perhaps Anthony sees these massive and only recently recognized upward electrical discharges as evidence that nature is powerful enough to explain all the warming, which isn’t happening, that we have seen? If so, then guess what we nearly agree! Natural climate processes are very powerful. Too bad they can’t actually be shown to┬ácause the modern global warming we have recorded.

1 thought on “Watching lightning jets hit the ionosphere

  1. DOUBT……….would be the category that I would choose here. This is a large scale phenomenon that has only been known since 2001. Maybe there is something else (large scale, but unknown) that has been raising temperatures since 1975!

    GIFT HORSE……….is an existing category, but it is hard to recognize examples. Certainly it would include photos of exotic cloud formations.

    I am careful here, since I am particularly sensitive to accusations of being both wrong and unfair. I had wanted the Clovis story to fit.

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