Examination of CRU data suggests no statistically significant warming

Examination of CRU data suggests no statistically significant warming“. Anthony Watts’ ferociously qualified associate A.J. Strata says:

Bottom Line – Using two back-of-the-envelope tests for significance against the CRU global temperature data I have discovered:”


“let me explain how I derived (by eye – ugh!) the two primary pieces of data I used”

Back-of-the-envelope tests? Eye-balling? Does anyone need to read any further? A.J., who seems more like a Tea-Bagger than a climate expert, is apparently working backwards from various printed graphs! This is classic denialist bunk, even down to accusations of “deception off on a global scale”. It’s kind of pitiable watching these obsessions play out in public.

So how did A.J. pull the Global Warming edifice down? He’s taken sets of what he claims are raw country temperature data (well actually pretty much of his own invention as he’s pulling the numbers from printed graphs) and slapped a line on them so he can declare that there is no Global Warming. I think I’ll wait for the cover story in Nature before I join the parade. Although he has been “working on [this] for about a week now”.

For a laugh, here's a cherry-picked sample of the printed temp charts A.J. Strata used to prove that there's been no Global Warming. These are from Mozambique and South Africa.

In the comments we get more examples of Anthony threatening critical commenters when he asks “Onion” about the weather in England. Anthony likes to use information from his website logs to reveal private details of his critics so he can make them feel exposed.

1 thought on “Examination of CRU data suggests no statistically significant warming

  1. ODOR………. WUWT is touting denialdom’s misuse of a legitimate statement about something not being significant from 1995, when it was significant from 1994. This is a ‘science’ blog.
    At long last, have they no shame!

    TASTE………. The first bit of this article is enough, without waiting for the server to come back on line. How could his imagined hoax be real, when the satellite data has corroborated everything since the late 70’s?

    Steve Mosher points out that the country graphs are not area weighted.

    Onion refers to the best part of the article:

    “…and it does it by smearing good temp data with inaccurate proxy data (in this case the tree rings)…”

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