Despite hellish summer, Russia says “nyet” to AGW

Despite hellish summer, Russia says “nyet” to AGW. Russia doesn’t want to bear any of the direct climate change costs, so like many myopic governments, they’re taking an obstructionist position to the UN Climate Conference in Cancun. To Anthony Watts, this is “evidence” that Global Warming is false. After all, it’s not about the science, it’s about public opinion.

Funny how Anthony and his readers accuse Obama and the Democrats of being “crypto-Marxists” but happily embrace the increasingly totalitarian Russian government’s positions on the environment…

3 thoughts on “Despite hellish summer, Russia says “nyet” to AGW

  1. “attitudes on climate change remain dominated by scepticism and even *mired in conspiracy theories*”

    Heh, not a statement you’d normally think would be promoted on WUWT.

  2. Not just Russians, but Stalin-era socialists! Under Stalin, mainstream biologists were accused of being elitists and closet fascists who wanted to wreck the Soviet economy. As a result, fringe biologists like Trofim Lysenko were able to peddle long-debunked ideas to the masses by telling them what they wanted to hear. The popular sentiment lead to widespread distrust of scientists and even their prosecution for working on mainstream biology that contradicted the work of the fringe. The government based its policy on the work of the fringe scientists rather than the mainstream, which, in part, lead to widespread crop failure and left the USSR several decades behind the rest of the developed world in the natural sciences.

    Denialists always bitch about being called denialists, so maybe they would prefer to be called “Lysenkoists.”

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