More on the Wikileaks Climate Cables

More on the Wikileaks Climate Cables“. Are Wikileaks the new Climategate? “Ecotretas” has been combing through them for climate-related communications.

Guess what? It seems that politicians are arguing and maneuvering about policy and international agreements! These revelations have exploded my mind.

This will be as irrelevant and repetitive as Anthony Watts’ idiotic reports of snow in winter.

4 thoughts on “More on the Wikileaks Climate Cables

  1. Hemisphere snow cover is yet again relatively very large in extent. A pattern of late years. Remarkably by March the excess snow cover extent already melts down to shortage, even record shortage.

    Although we may not post from ‘weather is climate departments’, the phenomenon does remind me of that other AGW-prediction: more precipitation. Although a blocked winter like this and last year’s brings arctic air very far to the south, covering large tracts of land in snow that are usually snowfree.

  2. The scene: NASA Climate modelling HQ, Monday Morning

    Gavin: Morning Jim, good weekend?

    Jim: Well I managed not to get arrested LOL!

    Jolly Good, anyhow there’s something you should see on the internet …

    The internet! what is it?

    Its a big networky thing with computers and wires, but that’s not important right now. The Science Blog of the Year is comparing our November anomaly directly with UAH’s number …

    That’s nuts …

    I know

    They measure different physical quantities

    I know

    They have different baselines ….

    I know

    Like comparing the heights of two people when one is standing on a box …

    I know but look, here’s the thing, they’re saying our baseline is outdated, the satellite people use a much more up to date range, ours is so like, retro

    Jiminy Cricket – they’re right. We can’t have that. I want you to recalculate every anomaly in the database against a bang up to date this century baseline. Update the website and issue corrections to all our published papers.

    I’m all over it boss, I’ll get Rudy right on it (Thinks: I preferred him when he ran The Muppet Show)

    Some time later… headline post at The Science Blog of the Year reads

    “Hansen Hides the Decline”

    Read Steve and Willis’s detailed analysis that shows Hansen’s cycnical re-baselining exercise decreases earlier temperatures imparting an artificial warming trend to the data ……

  3. I see Anthony is getting heavy-handed with the dissenters

    I see you have a website that says “what Climate Deniers fear most”. How professional of you to denigrate others with that distasteful term that is just another way of saying “holocaust deniers”. How sad for you Mr. Griffith that your “explanations” start with such disgust. Again would tolerate such a thing?

    he says to Alden Griffith, a thinly-veiled threat to ‘out’ Mr Griffith for posting on the taxpayers’ dollar ….

    Just above that Anthony reproduces the blink comparator from, a website that explicitly compares AGW advocates to Nazis and campaigns for the legalisation of cannabis. No doubt Anthony verified that the graph is an accurate reflection of the data and didn’t simply uncritically reproduce the graphic ‘no questions asked’ just because it fits his narrative.

    No doubt.

    [Anthony Watts can justify anything. I’m thinking of starting a page here that collects his Google-stalking threats. – Ben]

  4. That would be awesome.

    Also, is it just me, or in the last two weeks has Mr. Freedom Champion Anthony admitted he had a role in drafting legislation that would enforce a monopolistic official climate record upon the nation’s researchers, and encouraged his readers to quit a professional society?

    What’s Up With That Heavy-Handed Social Engineering?

    [Are you implying that Anthony has a double standard? Why, that would be unethical! – Ben]

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