Environmentalist marries Gaia in E-ceremony

Environmentalist marries Gaia in E-ceremony“. As reported in the Huffington Post, someone has staged a mock “wedding” with the Earth. A perfect target for Anthony Watts’ searing scientific mind! “There’s no mention at HuffPo if Earth was a willing partner or if it was a shotgun wedding.

Good one, Anthony!


1 thought on “Environmentalist marries Gaia in E-ceremony

  1. Yeah, we saw another example of Watts “searing scientific mind” again yesterday.

    Anthony Watts called Hansen the odd man out.

    GISS and UAH are computed using different reference baselines. GISS data are relative to the 1951-1980 baseline while UAH are relative to a 1979-1999 baseline. Since the GISS data are relative to a colder baseline period, of course they’re numerically higher.

    Since they are anomolies- duh.

    Apparently Watts believes that the GISS baseline is “outdated” (and by implication, inferior), as well as that the difference between GISS and UAH data needs ‘explaining.’

    As one commentor said, it was like shooting fish in a barrel for Tamino.

    [Yes, but the fish whine so piteously. – Ben]

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