UK Covered in snow, for the second winter

UK Covered in snow, for the second winter“. Well this is predictable; Anthony Watts will spend all winter shouting that any snowfall, anywhere, proves there is no Global Warming. Here’s an exciting chapter to keep the ignorant focused.

The UK is covered in snow! Well, dusted. Do you think Anthony knows that precipitation increases with temperature and snow is… precipitation? Of course he does.

You’d think that Anthony would cue in to the laughter behind his back, but his tunnel vision sees only the bobbing “skeptical” heads in front of him.

1 thought on “UK Covered in snow, for the second winter

  1. “The UK covered in snow” (WUWT,Dec2,2010)

    …That all these skeptic winter extreme articles are meant to suggest there’s not so much warming, yet the events are all ocurring during what is likely to be the hottest year (95 at Intrade, for GISS, as of Dec 11).
    …That snowfall increases are an automatic consequence of global warming.
    …And that northern regional cold spells can sometimes be a consequence of a warmer Arctic.

    WINTER EXTREMES FROM EARLY 2010……….despite the El Nino… from WUWT titles.

    Jan6, The frigid hit parade – over 1200 new cold and snow records set in the last week in the U.S., more in progress (Dec30-Jan6)
    Jan8, All of Britain covered by snow
    Jan15, NWS Met on Florida Cold: This is the longest stretch ever in 100 years of record keeping
    Feb10, All-time seasonal snowfall records broken in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington
    Feb13, 49 states with snow, 1180 new snowfall records set in the USA this past week – is February Headed for Record Snowfall?
    Feb17, Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent Second Highest on Record
    Feb23, There’s no business like snow business (Moscow record snowfall)
    Mar2, 2001-2010 was the Snowiest Decade on Record (For the Northern Hemisphere, based on meteorological winter of Dec+Jan+Feb)

    SNOWFALL……….Don’t the skeptics believe in increased ocean evaporation during higher temperatures? And don’t they believe in gravity, either? That what goes up must come down.

    Precipitation…..”Eastern portions of North and South America, northern Europe, and northern and central Asia have become wetter. The Sahel, the Mediterranean, southern Africa and parts of southern Asia have become drier.”
    Wikipedia: Precipitation(Meteorology)
    (From: ‘Changes due to global warming’)

    Snowfall…..”Warming causes more moisture in the air which leads to more extreme precipitation events. This includes more heavy snowstorms in regions where snowfall conditions are favorable.”
    Skeptical Science: ‘Does record snowfall disprove global warming?’

    COLD……….Sad, that in this Christmas season of giving, we can’t let the skeptics have all of the ‘cold’ issue. However, a warm-Arctic/cold-continents situation can displace the circumpolar winds that formerly held in the (low-pressure) arctic cold.
    For a tell-all map, showing dark blue cold reaching down around both sides of Greenland&Iceland, see Hot Topic’s, The Climate Show (seven minutes in).

    For an independent measue of the warmth in the Arctic, consider the November Arctic sea ice extent, which is second lowest in the satellite era.

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