AGW Defender Flowchart

AGW Defender Flowchart“. Anthony Watts copies-and-pastes a “funny flowchart” that dismisses criticism of climate denial as a mindless formula. Oh, the irony. Of course if Anthony and his partners ever dug up a new idea there wouldn’t always be the same scientific or political criticism to answer it.

Marital status in relation to Al Gore seemsĀ a key obsessionĀ in the denialist mind of this chart-maker, who asks “Have I left anything out?” (Yes, science. And perhaps honest argument.)

Let’s try playing the game too:

Denialism in three steps.

2 thoughts on “AGW Defender Flowchart

  1. Everyone can play Global Warming Denial bingo!

  2. Nice blog. Be sure to check out my own Watts debunking on Alternet.

    It was followed by some fascinating personal correspondence. Email me if you’re interested.

    [Anthony Watts’ entry is at the bottom of page 2. I’d love to see his correspondence! – Ben]

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