Do We Care if 2010 is the Warmist Year in History?

Do We Care if 2010 is the Warmist Year in History?. The new denialist talking point emerges! Who cares if 2010 was the warmest year ever? Ira Glickstein¬†says (well, suggests) that it’s all because of lying corrupt climatologists making malicious adjustments anyway!

Keep talking about that, but remember to add a caveat like:

“What does this all mean? Is this evidence of wrongdoing? Incompetence? Not necessarily.”

A few years ago there was debate about whether 1998 or 1934 was the hottest year ever, but the climatologists made 1998 the hottest year with their evil adjustments! They’re probably doing it again.

Next problem.

1 thought on “Do We Care if 2010 is the Warmist Year in History?

  1. Obviously the person who wrote the article and most of those commenting don’t care – at the moment. Maybe when their houses are under water like those of the people in Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt etc, or they are trying to survive extreme temperatures, fires and water shortages as did those in Russia, south eastern Australia, south western Australia and many other places – then they will start to ‘care’.

    The posters and commenters on WUWT are a mix of liars and deniers. First and foremost, they are stupid, selfish and cowardly people who can’t see past the nose on their face. I bet when they start to suffer, they’ll be the first to want to blame someone else, instead of copping the blame themselves, where it belongs.

    As each extreme weather event unfolds, I become less and less tolerant of the villains on sites like WUWT.

    Thanks, Ben, for the good work.

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